Clearance of machines and cranes

Today, various companies are active in the field of commerce. Crane is one of the products imported to the country and these products are used in various industries.

Today, various companies are active in the field of commerce. Crane is one of the products imported to the country and these products are used in various industries. Cranes are large machines. They play a very effective role in lifting and lowering heavy objects installed on a special machine. In our country, cranes are mainly used for construction or operation in large industrial companies. If we look at the market, we will find that nowadays most of the cranes from Germany and China enter the country through Shahid Rajaei port.


Clearance of machines and cranes

 The extent of commercial activity has made it impossible for one person to do all the work. Therefore, if you intend to import cranes and water machines in the country, after placing the order and entering the products to the customs, you must introduce a skilled labor clearance to carry out clearance and delivery to the customs. It is worth to note the clearance operation is a specialized activity and if you do not have the ability to perform the clearance correctly, you will face many problems and your goods may be identified as smuggling, and as a result, the long process and timing must be done in order to be able to clear the machines and cranes from customs.


Clearance tariff for machines and cranes

Every year, the budget organization announces the rate of import tariffs. Therefore, depending on the machines and cranes you import into the country, you have to pay different tariffs. The import of machinery and cranes has various tariffs, so it is better to have a look at the list of tariffs first so that you don’t get into trouble or get confused during the import process.

Documents required for clearance of machines and cranes

 For the clearance of machinery and cranes, like any other goods, you must provide the necessary documents to the customs officials so that you can prove the ownership of the goods. The customs will carefully examine these documents and then you will be provided with a declaration form that you should pay attention to while filling it, because if there are any items that do not match the goods, it will cause It will take months and even years for the desired goods to be seized at the customs and you will have to pay a lot of costs for storage, and this factor will cause you to suffer heavy losses.



If you intend to import machinery and cranes, it is better to first visit the Iranian Trade System website and to fill out the declaration form containing the product specifications carefully. In the old days, the declaration form was filled in writing at the customs, but after the virtualization of the activities, now you can easily go to the Iranian Trade System website and fill out the declaration form.


Warehouse Receipt

After you have purchased the desired machines and cranes, these goods enter the country and are placed in the relevant customs warehouse. Now, to clear the goods, you must have the receipt and after showing the clearance permission to the relevant official to remove the goods from the customs to be issued to you.


Purchase Invoice

The invoice is one of the very important things that you should always have in your possession because the invoice proves that you are the owner of this product and even after the clearance, put the invoice in its proper place. Many goods and products that are smuggled in the country may not have any official invoice, and in many cases, not having an invoice can cause the goods to be identified as smuggling, and as a result, it has its own problems.


End of work

  After you have completed all the steps related to the work and the imported cranes and machinery have been examined by the assessor, you will be issued a clearance slip, which means that you can easily clear the relevant goods from customs and transfer to your factory.



As mentioned above, in order to import cranes and machines, we have to pay a certain tariff that will be notified to you by the customs. But in some cases, the import of cranes and machines comes with some exemptions, which depend on the laws and the type of machine and cranes that you import.  Therefore, if you want to get information about the latest exemptions, it is better to have a consultation with our company’s experts.