Pars Energy Special Economic Zone

One of the most important economic regions located in the south of the country, which includes the South Pars region with an area of over 14 thousand hectares in Asaluyeh, Pars 2 with an area of 16 thousand hectares in Kangan and Pars 3 with an area of 16 thousand hectares in the cities of Deir, Dashti Tungstan and is located in Bushehr.

Pars Energy Special Economic Zone, one of the representatives of the Ministry of Oil and the National Gas Company, has started its activities in the south, and its main activities include defining and approving various plans and operations and creating public infrastructure such as railways, ports, etc., the electricity network, water, establishment of the airport, which continues to operate.

Currently, the largest gas field in the world is South Pars, and as a result, the level of Pars 1, Pars 2, and Pars 3 regions were established in 1377 with the aim of supporting and developing this gas field, and it is considered one of the most important strategic regions in the country.


Region 1 of South Pars:The area of this region is fourteen thousand hectares, and various industries, which are among the most important semi-heavy industries in the country, such as 15 petrochemical complexes and 16 gas reprocessing complexes, are operating in this region. Currently, phases 1 to 10 of South Pars have been put into operation, and phases 15 to 21 are currently under construction, and it is expected that in the very near future, the main activities in this area will be officially started after the completion of operations.

Pars 2 region is located in Kangan city. Its area is about 16 thousand hectares and it is one of the most important areas in the country, because a refinery and an LG project are operating in this area. Phases 11 to 14, 19 to 22 are under construction and planning. It is such that the activity of these units will start after the construction operation.


Region 3 which is known as North Pars has an area of more than 16 thousand hectares and its main purpose is to support the development plan of some important hydrocarbon fields in that region, currently North Pars, Golshan, Ferdowsi and Farzad gas fields A and B are located in this area.


Persian Gulf International Airport

Due to the fact that it is one of the important oil and gas centers in the country, Pars Special Economic Zone decided to build an airport in this area in 2001, and after planning, the Persian Gulf International Airport was built in the south of the province. Bushehr started its operations with an area of 700, and today it is considered one of the most important airports in the south of the country. The Persian Gulf International Airport is located at a height of 21 feet above sea level, and airport, navigation and aviation services for accepting domestic and international flights are among the most important services in this airport. According to the latest published statistics, more than 6,000 flights are made from this airport throughout the year, and more than one million passengers are the latest recorded statistics.